Thursday, 17 June 2010

Oral webcam sex? Do it, do it right!

In this century of new technologies webcam sex is becoming more and more important part of everyone’s daily routine. Why not to bang your girlfriend online while you are on business trip? Why not to have some wild cam2cam time with hot chicks you see for the first and probably the last time in your life? Hot, extreme, exiting, private and the most safe sex you could ever dream of.

Together with growing popularity of cyber fucking, all kinds of sex are transforming into virtual manner. Oral pleasures are not any exception. Here are some basic tricks how to do it better and even hotter than in real ‘’I can touch you’’ life.

Just like normal oral sex the webcam ‘’heading’’ should begin from warming foreplay. The woman behind your cam is supposed to use a dildo (the bigger, the better) positioning it just in front of her webcam. Slight hand teasing, licking up and down are the most warming moves she is expected to perform. Ask her to tight her hair and lick the dildo from its sides in order to enjoy best views without obstacles.

Words are more than important in oral webcam sex process. Ask her to talk dirty about the dildo as it would be your dick. Sexy moves should follow her dirty phrases one by one. If the girl you are having fun with is a little shy, encourage her by asking provoking questions like: ‘’How would you suck my cock? Would you eat it after cleaning it with your tongue? Show me how deep would you take it!, ect” . On the other hand, if you decide to join official webcam sex site, professional chat hosts would never lack dirty words and use techniques you could only imagine in the dirtiest dreams.

After heating up during the oral foreplay, ask your partner to move on to dildo’s head and wet it with her mouth. Order her to feel the smooth, hard surface against her lips, kiss it, lick it, tease it harder and harder with her lips. Command to go faster and harder, change to deep throat. If performed well, the sucking process would produce a specific noise that could make anyone burst of pleasure. Again, professional chicks would add a provoking eye contact and sexy ‘’ah’’ roams while sticking their tongue to the sex toy. They would encourage you to talk and reveal all the things you always wished to be performed. All you need is just a little bit of imagination and braveness to be absolutely open as well as expressive.
Some tips to make it even hotter:

- Ask her to move the toy between her boops.

- Command to put the dildo into her pussy and the carry on with it her mouth.

- Ask to turn the vibration of electronic dildo on. Command to put it into her mouth. Exiting vibration of her cheeks, aren’t they?

Friday, 11 June 2010

What to choose for webcam sex: obedient asian, wild russian or passionate latina?

At last, you are conciuos about your webcam sex - you just cant wait to turn on your cam and strive for hot nude bodies ready to please you right away. Howver, there still is an issue separating you from the gloriuos pleasure: which girl to choose? Of course, it is easy to click on the first blond appearing on the page, but...on the other hand, why not to try something more exotic? The most exiting is that different chathosts differ not only in their looks, but also in sex style and preferences.

Asian girls on webcam sex sessions, as well as in real bed, tend to be softer and obedient. However, there is something so exotic, so seductive about them that the sight of them can be intoxicating. All the wishes are allowed to come truth, they are all ready to play classcal ''slave and the boss'' role scenario. Plus, asian woman are told to be much more easy to deal with...

Russian chics are the ones of totally different character. Strict and submissive, clear and...really loud. The passionate is leading those babes everywhere and one can hardly resisit fit and tight bodies with all the woman advantages. However not so easy to deal with, russian woman far much more dirty and creative in bed. You will definetely find some thing about sex that you didnt know before...

Sexy latinas are naturally bursting with heat. Their bodies speak for themselves, nudity and todal self confidence are always present when going into sexual relations with latin babes. Another sexy element is thier english accent that simply drives men crazy...

So which one would you choose?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Living Your Secret Sex Fantasies on Live Webcam chat

Webcam dating and sex is the hottest thing on the online personals scene right now. With adult webcam pros and fans, you can you live out your hottest erotic fantasies right from the privacy of your own home. Sounds complicated? However, it is as simple as licking a lollipop.

The origins of live adult video chat can be traced to the adult sex industry, which had already been using live video technology long before others. Other industries, including online dating are just beginning to catch on.

Also known as adult video dating, adult webcam personals make use of technology that allows you to see others live on your computer screen. This adds visual stimulus and body language to a dating medium that has been, until now, cold and impersonal.

One unique aspect adult video personals is typing and filling bunches of profiles are not really necessary. All live, all real, all so much hotter!

And, you don't need a webcam to meet hot singles (or non-singles if that's what you like) live on webcam. As long as one party has a webcam (short for web camera) you can have lots of erotic fun.

But though it is possible to adult date live without a webcam, having one is recommended for the purpose of spontaneous interactivity. Webcams are relatively inexpensive to buy, and can be purchased at most online stores that carry electronics.

Something that you do need, though, is a membership to a good adult webcam service. This is what facilitates the dating and chatting sessions as well as bringing singles together.

What makes adult webcam dating exciting, and therefore popular, is the ability to live your visual fantasies and fetishes, almost like real-life. You see, adult webcams services provide access to either singles seeking erotic fun, or real chat models who will do just about anything before the camera.

Whether your thing is lap dance, striptease, swingers, lingerie, leather, boots... you name, you can get it on adult video personals.

Another factor that attracts people to adult webcam personals is safety, as no one can physically harm you through the computer screen. All the same it is recommended that you sign up with a reputable site.

Want to meet hot singles and models on live video? Find top-rated, best quality webcam chats right now.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Explore Webcam babes for Instant sex Experience

Webcam adult sites came into existence with dramatically growing popularity. The new features and options are being added and updated every day, if nort every minute to please the highest needs of the visitor. All the options from webcam fetish, dungeon, easy dating, soft sex, hardcore, anal or oral intercourses are available! And we don’t even mention couple, girl – to – girl, tripple actions, ect. The most exiting about is this: you can participate showing your live actions in every single of them! All you have to do is to join webcam sex chatting community for instant sex experience.

Today Almost all sites (communities) have a trial period within which you can explore it and see if it is good enough to satisfy your sexual fantasies. Once you have selected a suitable adult site, you may then opt for paid membership which will allow you to have full access to the site everyday for a certain period. There are plenty of hot webcam chicks to choose from; these American/Russian/Asian cam girls do their job well and know exactly what to do to please you. Besides, you can tell them whatever you want them to do and turn all your sexual fantasies into a reality.

Web cam girls will let the visitor view the hottest of images and this kind of 3d webcam sex is turning out to be one popular alternative for real sex! And there is no fear of catching AIDS or any other disease which is contagious. This kind of webcam dating uses hot webcam chicks to entice the users to come and share their wildest fantasies. You can browse through various galleries to choose from the several cam girls who are going to be filmed for you online with no censoring. You may also put up your own ads with a false name of course if you wish to keep your identity secret and mention your sexual preferences and interests to make it easier to find like-minded people.

Most adult websites include adult video clips that really give you a thrill; live webcams are normally used and the cam girls don’t leave much to your imagination.

The final word is as simple as that: you have to try it at least once in your life. Today the things that still sound unusual might be the ones that will change your habits and hobbies forever.

Monday, 17 May 2010

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Webcam Sex: How to Make it Clear What You Want

Online dating and sex can seem like a whole other planet. More and more people are turning to online pleasures as their lives get too busy to date by conventional means, and others prefer online dating because they like to get to know someone without the artifice of looks or traditional dates. Still others have exhausted their local casual sex pool and want to reach out to other places in the world where they might find the love of their life.

But as more and more people turn to online dating, it becomes tougher to figure out what someone wants. Are you looking for a one-night stand? Sex with a stranger? A new friend with benefits? Dirty talk via cyber? Or do you want to find love with someone who really wants that happily-ever-after fairytale?

The best way to figure out what a potential date wants is to make it very clear what YOU are looking for. If a potential partner is looking for someone to bang for a night, they are going to run the other way when they see that you are looking for a serious relationship. Those who really want a serious relationship will gravitate toward your personal ads, chat sessions, and the like. Here’s how to make it crystal clear what you want to have, and more importantly, what you don’t:

Be very clear. When you fill out your online dating profile, make it clear what you want from the start. Saying “who knows where it might lead” tells the responder absolutely nothing worthwhile. Know what you want, and if you aren’t sure, make that clear, too. But if you aren’t sure, at least list the things you are open to. Perhaps you would be more than happy to have phone sex? Maybe you want to cyber your brains out? Are you open to making the leap from online dating to the physical world and actually meet the potential partner?

Be open to change. Your thoughts on what you want from online dating might change after a few attempts at finding that special someone. Be ready to change your online dating profile if you decide something different is in the cards. Contrary to the past beliefs that online dating was all about hookups, it has now become clear that meeting someone over the internet is quite common, and it is used for many different reasons. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to be looking for one particular thing. remember, random sex play is the most common reason to surf these days.

Be yourself. Never pretend to be something or someone you are not. If you do meet someone fantastic, that little white lie in the beginning will come back to haunt you in the end. Be honest about who you are and what you want, and you might be surprised at how well internet dating will work out for you. Shortly: if you want to bang that cupid girl, just say it without round away talking.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Webcam sex pleasure

One of the most erotic online activity you can enjoy is webcam dating. That is because virtual webcam dating allows you to interact with a live and very sexy cam model. Such dating will be highly erotic and sensual. In fact, your webcam dating adventure can lead to 3d webcam sex if you like. You will certainly enjoy virtual sex with a very sexy cam model even if you are miles away from your virtual partner. So here are the steps you can follow in order to enjoy a highly erotic virtual dating.

Webcam dating and 3d webcam sex relies heavily on your imagination. 3d webcam sex is actually fantasy sex with a twist. Unlike phone sex, 3d webcam sex allows you to see your virtual partner. Such visual display of eroticism can heighten the excitement of your webcam dating adventure. Your erotic imagination will be tickled by the sight of a sexy lady performing a love dance for you. That is why it is possible to get full sexual satisfaction from a webcam dating site because your imagination will be fired up. You will be surprised that emotional stimulation would be more fulfilling than actual physical contact.
Of course you need to create a good ambiance in order to enjoy 3d webcam sex. First of all, you need to tidy up your room so you can enhance the erotic ambiance of your webcam dating adventure. You cannot expect to fully enjoy 3d webcam sex if your surrounding is in disarray. This is just similar if you will invite a real girl in your room. You will be able to enjoy your love making if your room is cozy and tidy. This is also true if you want to fully enjoy erotic webcam dating. So before you engage in a 3d webcam sex, make sure that your room would be tidy enough for a night of pleasure and fun.

You will also need to prepare yourself physically if you want to enjoy erotic webcam dating. The best way to do this is to take a few hours of rest before you invite a sexy model for a 3d webcam sex. If your body is completely relaxed, your imagination would be richer. Thus you can certainly heighten the excitement of your 3d webcam sexual encounter to get satisfaction from the sexy cam model. You can also drink 1 or 2 bottles of beer to relax your tired muscles. If you loosened up before your virtual erotic encounter, then your satisfaction is guaranteed from a 3d webcam sex.

Webcam dating is a fun and safe way to engage in uncomplicated sexual relationship with a sexy woman. Even if you cannot physically touch your sexy model, the visual seduction that you can enjoy will certainly fire up your imagination. Because of this, you can fully enjoy your sexual encounter with a virtual girl. You will certainly look forward to another session of hot and erotic virtual sex chat with a very beautiful and sensual webcam girl.

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break...the beach, the drinks, the bikinis, and lots and lots of partying. We bet you can already taste the salt on your Margarita. Come in out of the cold and enjoy Spring Break at Camcontacts, where what happens in video chat stays in video chat!
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Monday, 15 February 2010

The Art Of Erotic Spanking

for the love of spanking

Yes, spanking can be sexy, and a majority of women have fantasies about being spanked. Most men, too, find spanking a woman to be a strong sexual turn-on.

But sexual spanking is not the same as the punishment spanking we may have experienced as children.

For a woman, the turn-on is not so much in the sensation of pain as it is in the feeling of helpless submission and vulnerability of being bent over her partner's lap, the attention being paid to her behind (a primary erotic zone), the feeling of a man's hand warming her buttocks, and the anticipation of sexual pleasures to come.

For a man, the arousing aspect of spanking is the feeling of control and power over his helpless lover, and the excitement of playing with her attractive bottom, turning it pink and putting her in the mood for some hot, passionate sex.

To master the art of erotic spanking, it is important to understand the following six principles:

  • The bottom is a prime erogenous zone; however, unlike other zones such as the breasts and back of the neck, the sexual arousal nerves in the bottom are buried in a layer of fat and require harder stimulation -- like in spanking -- to trigger them;

  • The physiological process of sexual arousal demands that before orgasm can occur, blood must be collected and kept in the genitals and nearby areas. Spanking creates just such a physiological response, as the stinging of the skin causes blood to collect in the bottom (and simultaneously in the nearby genitals), thus accomplishing "mechanically" what caresses and kisses do psychologically;

  • A properly done spanking, such as over the knee or with a cushion or other support propping up the woman's bottom, causes the bottom to squirm from the sting, simultaneously resulting in her rubbing her clitoris on the supporting knee, pillow, etc.

  • The feeling of "surrender" or submission is an important part of a woman's sexual response, as many women need to give up control and give themselves "permission" to feel sexual. Spanking incites and reinforces such feelings;

  • The last two spanking principles, and some specific tips to make it really hot...
    • However, a woman must feel safe before she can give up control and surrender. Therefore, you must first earn her trust before attempting the game of erotic spanking. You must equate the spanking with sexual pleasure, eschewing any anger, sado-masochistic impulses or desire to humiliate her.
    • The tacit understanding, no matter what the role play, should be that spanking is a form of foreplay and that orgasm is the goal of both players. Therefore, the actual spanks should be mixed with caresses and gentle rubbing of her bottom and genitalia, and other foreplay if possible.

    sexual spanking

    To use spanking in your sexual repertoire, it is always good to do a little role playing. You can play the stern guardian or headmaster punishing the naughty schoolgirl, or the offended husband or lover pretending to punish his wife or girlfriend for some imaginary transgression.

    There are hundreds of roles that can be used as an "excuse" to give your lover a sexy over-the-knee spanking, but whatever role you choose to play, here are some tips to make it especially sexy:

    1- Give her a specific "punishment" time and make her wait for it

    The anticipation will add to her sexual arousal and increase her receptivity. You can accentuate this by making her wear ben wa balls or play with herself at regular intervals while waiting for her spanking. Of course, you will want to ensure that she obeys your instructions, and that she knows her spanking will be harder if she disobeys.

    2- Order her to "prepare herself" for her spanking

    This could mean taking a bath and making herself clean and beautiful, or dressing in a particular way (e.g. in a schoolgirl outfit, in particular lingerie or in another sexy costume). Tell her that the length of her spanking will depend on how beautiful you find her at the appointed time. These acts of preparing herself will have a direct effect on her state of arousal, as it will make her think about it constantly.

    3- Take your time to inspect her appearance when she presents herself for her spanking

    Comment on every aspect that might add to her punishment or subtract from it, and let your eyes and hands inspect every inch of her body. The intense scrutiny you are giving her will intensify her excitement.

    4- Before beginning the spanking, make her perform a ritual

    This could be kneeling in front of you and begging forgiveness for the imaginary transgression. Always agree that she will be forgiven after her "punishment," as you don't want to humiliate her. You should act as if you are only spanking her "for her own good," and you might even tell her about how you intend to ravish her if she is a "good girl" during her spanking.

    5- When she is across your knees, take your time before starting

    Play with her bottom, squeezing and "testing" its firmness and fullness -- and you can feel between her legs to see if she is getting wet. Tell her what you are going to do to her bottom, and how it will look in a few minutes. If you feel her trembling with excitement, you know she is really ready!

    6- Ease into the heavier spanking

    When you actually start the spanking, you may start by spanking her over her clothing, then over her panties (if you have her wearing them). Once you have warmed her bottom, you will always want to spank her on her bare bottom, as that is the sexiest kind of spanking.

    Alternate a dozen or so spanks with rubs of her bottom, using firm but very sexual stroking to spread the warmth all over her rump. A finger between her legs can be used to get her breathing faster. You can also alternate spanks with gentle rubbing of her clitoris, tugging of her labia or caressing of her anus. This will make her associate spanking with other pleasurable sensations, thus conditioning her to get aroused to spanking. Take your time, savoring every smack and every feel of that delectable behind.

    7. Use the right technique

    The slightly cupped palm with fingers together is the best way to spank, as it makes a good smacking sound and reddens the skin without causing excessive pain. If she seems to be unmoved by such spanks, you can give her a few with a flat palm and spread (relaxed) fingers -- those are the stingiest -- until she squirms or responds.

    A slow tempo, with an irregular rhythm, is the best technique, as the moments of anticipation between each stroke add to the tension; and if she cannot tell when the next stroke might fall, it is doubly effective in increasing her arousal. Again, take your time. Remember, it is not the number of spanks or how hard they are that brings her to a high state of sexual readiness. It is how long and how deeply she feels her submissive helplessness and the total sexual stimulation of her bottom that is the key.

    spank her right

    A really good spanker can sometimes bring his partner to climax from such a sexy over-the-knee spanking. But every lover who knows his partner's symptoms of arousal can judge when the time is right to shift her from the spanking position to implement on his erect shaft, which should be hard and ready from having her naked bottom squirming over it.
    By Dr. Victoria Zdrok

    Wednesday, 10 February 2010

    Tuesday, 2 February 2010

    Happy Valentines Day!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day! Don't be alone on this day ;) Celebrate it With Sexy Cupid Babes in atmosphere of Love and Happiness :)) 

    Tuesday, 26 January 2010

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    Staring at Women's breasts is good for Health

    Staring at women's breasts is good for men's health and makes them live longer, a new survey reveals.
    Researchers have discovered that a 10-minute ogle at women's breasts is as healthy as half-an-hour in the gym.
    A five year study of 200 men found that those who enjoyed a longing look at busty beauties had lower blood pressure, less heart disease and slower pulse rates compared to those who did not get their daily eyeful.
    Dr Karen Weatherby, who carried out the German study, wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine: "Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well endowed female is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics workout."
    "Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulation."
    "There is no question that gazing at breasts makes men healthier."
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